Kim Hadley

Kim Hadley
Creston, NC
Kim Hadley spent her summers in Ashe County, near
Creston where her mother lived, from the age of 5 years
until she went to college for her degree in Biology in 1990.
In 2003, she moved permanently to Ashe County.
She got her first simple camera at the young age of eight.
“My serious interest in photography began in 1996 to
complement a new-found interest in birding. I enrolled in
an adult education evening class to learn how to use
manual camera settings, and shot only on slide film.” In
2000 her husband presented her with her first digital
camera for Christmas and she has never looked back. In
2007, “I submitted for the Arts Council’s annual Regional
Artist Project Grant and to my surprise, was actually an
award winner and was able to purchase my first digital
SLR. I was in love!”
As a volunteer for the Nature Conservancy on Bluff
Mountain Nature Preserve and an active hiker, Kim and her
Canon are inseparable! She enjoys mostly outdoor and
wildlife photography, but rarely misses the chance to
photograph local events as well. Kim is a freelance graphic
artist (Kim Hadley Design) and she uses her photographic
talents in her professional work whenever possible.