Tom Aggeles

I’m a self-taught photographer who feels very fortunate to have found this perfect outlet for creative expression. Since I was a kid, I’ve always made pictures. Drawing, painting, and through the lens have all been a part of my journey.

My photographic interests and experiences include ‘Vernacular Landscapes’ & Street Photography; Event & Journalism; ‘Nature-‘Scapes’; Some commercial product work; Family-Portraiture; and Fine Art creations.

I’m a self-taught ‘print maker’, too. I’ve dabbled in the darkroom when I started shooting with 35mm film. They say the more things “change” the more they remain the same. So here I am, back in the ‘darkroom’  in the digital realms of Lightroom and Photoshop. I cut all my own mats and hit the thrift shop circuit for cool frames and other ‘mounting’ materials.

My photographs are on display in many private clients’ homes in the Carolina’s.

I also play a few musical instruments (studied music in college after a stint in the Army), and I’m a singer-songwriter/commercial ‘music-bed’ composer, I’ve been a restaurant chef-owner, I’ve created documentary-film shorts and I do some film editing, with a few projects in my catalog.

I live in the Piedmont of SC with my wife, Donna and three n’er-do-well cats.  I’m the dad of 5 terrific sons, all of whom make their pop very proud, indeed.

You can see a collection my work via my website at