Martin Seelig

Martin is a retired electronics engineer from Western Massachusetts now making his home in Fleetwood, NC.  He caught the photography bug early on from his dad, because he always was taking pictures. His first camera was a Brownie.  He did some shooting when he was younger; however since retiring he is able to devote much more time to his photography.

Martin shoots with film cameras; both 35mm and medium [6×6] format then digitally process the negatives. Because he uses film it means he spends more time pre-visualizing and composing each shot. Martin develops his own black and white film which enables him to use different formulas and techniques to control the textures and shades in the negatives.

Martin especially enjoy photographing people, not posed but in settings which are more relaxed and spontaneous. It is such an interesting and challenging process since every minute you have different expressions, moods, and looks. He then has to anticipate each shot because he will only have a split second to capture the moment. He really enjoys shooting in B&W because to paraphrase Ted Grant “When you photograph a person in color you photograph their clothes. When you photograph a person in B&W, you photograph their soul!”