Nicole Robinson

I have called North Carolina home for more than 17 years.  Surrounded by the Appalachian Mountains, one doesn’t have to travel far to bask in all that nature has to offer.  A general contractor by trade and a photographer by heart.

The intricate details of a scene attract my attention; it might be light teasing me to spot hidden away or the texture of a simple subject or the pondering of a reflection or even shadow that changes as you try to step away from it.  In general, I believe people tend to focus on the big picture when in fact there is a great deal more going on in the image.

There has to be more that you derive from an image than just a documentation of you being in a certain place or time.  My goal is to capture images that another person can view and feel the dew on their shoes or the wind across their skin.  An image that provokes thought and questions and stirs desire; in my mind there is success.

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